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Memories of Walking to Town, Maine

Lewiston, Maine

Story Narrative:

What's your favorite memory of living in a small town?

"My favorite memory of living in a small town is being a little girl and being able to walk into the town center with my mom and that sometimes she'd push me in a stroller. We had our normal routine that we did. I think it was every Saturday and Sunday we went and we'd go visit a couple shops in particular and on the way back home we would stop at, I think it was called Katie's Cookies, and I would get a cookie and then we'd just walk back home. It was really quick but it was always a really nice routine and we saw the same people and got to know the same people, which was nice too."

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Themes: Community, walking, memories, family, food
Date recorded: May 24, 2013, 4:47 p.m.
Length of recording: 40.63 s
Related traveling exhibition: Crossroads: Change in Rural America
Sponsor or affiliated organization: Museum L-A, Lewiston, Maine

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