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Memories of Recipes from the Heart

Weatherford, Indiana

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What recipes are passed down from generation to generation in your family? Weatherford, Indiana

I believe recipes from the heart are what really pass down from generation to generation. I believe that you could be making a simple bread or you could be making a very fancy recipe, but as long as you're making it with someone that you love, then that's what truly matters. I believe that when you're in your house and you smell the candle that your wife bought, and that it reminds you of the vanilla pudding that your grandma used to make every time you'd come over, that's what truly matters.

There are many recipes that my family personally has passed on to me, and I plan on passing it on to my future generations. But honestly, I can't pass on the memories. I can pass on the stories, and I can try to convey how those things made me feel, but until you get into the kitchen with somebody that you love, you'll never know.

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