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Memories of the Beach and Hiking in Michigan

As told by Maggie Spence
Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

What's your favorite memory of living in a small town?

"Hi, my name is Maggie Spence. I'm from Rogers City. And my favorite memory of living in a small town was the community. The community was really friendly, and it was like a huge family that we all knew each other, and I knew everyone. And another favorite memory of mine was the beach. The beach was just a fun place to hang out with your friends, get tanning, maybe see a couple people you knew when you were younger. It was just a really cool place to just see each other and hang out. And then my last memory ... favorite memory of when I was younger was hiking through the woods. My parents owned a 30-acre farmhouse, and there was tons of streams and ponds through it.

And I would take my dog for a walk and just see the nature and the plants and the wildlife, it was just a really cool thing that you could just go out in your backyard and see. In the city, you don't really have that, and that's why I really liked about a small town. Because even though you had the city, you had the country that was around it, and everyone was just friendly and it was just a really cool opportunity for me to have."


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