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Making Friends in Holly Springs, Georgia

Holly Springs, Georgia

Story Narrative:

"Here in Georgia, everyone is friends with everyone. All you have to do is go outside and play with them. You can start playing basketball in the cul-de-sac, and you'll have five people out there within 10 minutes. It's really nice because no one has enemies, and any park is basically home. It's just really fun and nice to be living here with such Southern hospitality. I really love my community because everyone is just friends with everyone, and it's not that hard to have someone to hang out with. The adults though, well if you're a guy, you get together and drink beer and watch football. If you're a girl, you go shopping (giggles), but it's just really easy to find a friend here. Everyone is just super nice."

Part of the "Stories from Main Street" project--an effort to collect stories about small-town life across the United States. The project was the brainchild of the Smithsonian's "Museum on Main Street" program, an initiative that brings traveling exhibitions about subjects of national importance to small towns across America.

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