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The Lure of Home in Rural Kansas

Franklin, Kansas

Story Narrative:

"I'm a volunteer at the Franklin Community Center, Franklin Kansas. I came across a story a woman wrote and said she was so grateful for her trip to Kansas and Oklahoma with her mom and dad. They got to see a little red schoolhouse that her grandmother had attended as a child. I remember her telling me they had no books. All they had was a pencil and a tablet but she'd learned anyway and got good grades. She recently found her grandmother's report card that she held on to until she passed at age 82.

I think my brothers were right in saying that she was homesick her entire life. I understand that. Those peaceful summer nights were awesome. While we were there, a million stars in the sky that seemed to go on forever and the bugs all harmonizing. My mom said you could almost see the curvature of the earth. I know people always had ties to their hometowns but I continue to be amazed at the strong connection people have with Franklin. I don't know what it is. Yes I do, I have that same feeling. It was an amazing little town to grow up and be surrounded by not only your family, but all your friends became part of your family. There were nine kids in my eighth grade graduating class and we are still close as ever. Some of our spouses are amazed by that fact. Many of them don't even remember the names of their classmates and yes our classmates are like siblings. There's just something about Franklin. I also have all those fond memories of growing up and catching fireflies . . ."

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Themes: Childhood, community, growing up, rural, home, storytelling
Date recorded: June 6, 2013, 7:03 p.m.
Length of recording: 1:30 m
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Sponsor or affiliated organization: Franklin Community Center/Miner Hall Museum, Kansas

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