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Living in Gainesville, Georgia

Forest City, Florida

Story Narrative:

Where do people go to have fun in your community?

"When we lived in the small town of Gainesville, Georgia, people went a lot of places to have fun. One, they went to Lake Lanier. There were plenty of creeks, there were plenty of areas to have picnics. There were ice cream shops with seating outdoors. There were plenty of restaurants. People would visit each other in their homes. There were a lot of things put on by the community that you could attend. There were nature centers, churches, chamber of commerce events, learning and educational things, different walks and marches. There was so much to do there, it was very well organized.

But, unfortunately, there was a lot of prejudice in that town. Otherwise, the concept of Gainesville, Georgia, and the way they were putting things together, I thought, that the model worked really well. If they could just lose the prejudice system that they have of things, everything else was great. It's a real fun place, Gainesville, Georgia."

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