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The Leap of Faith Traveling Show, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

What's your favorite memory of living in a small town?

"When I was little, my dad did Leap of Faith. Leap of Faith was a Christian program where like 10 people would travel and put on shows. When they would jump motorcycles and cars over ramps and line cars up to jump them. At the end of the performance, some would give a message of faith. We would have a black Lab dog as a mascot named Faith. We would go to places and stay at friends and families. All the kids were homeschooled, so we can get with, so we can go with them I mean. I remember every week I had a new friend. The people we traveled with were like family and still are. By the time I was seven, I had seen a guy fall from 100 feet in the air. He had broken almost all his bones, but he lived. I always had a new adventure every week. It was sad when we stopped traveling. They all said they felt God calling them to do something different. Most of them are now pastors or missionaries. I like traveling as much as possible. I like doing things that scare me. I like doing things that I know are high risk. Something could always go wrong."

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