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Lake View Football, South Carolina

As told by Zai'kiyah Allen
Lake View, South Carolina

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In collaboration with Dillon County Theatre Association in South Carolina,  Liz Herlong's Broadcast Journalism student Zai'kiyah Allen produced this story about the football team Lake View Wild Gators. He features highlights from the program over the years and interviews Coach Daryl King. Lake View High School aired a different segment about the area each Wednesday morning on the Gator TV Morning News broadcast as part of a series called, "Way Back Wednesdays." It was created for Museum on Main Street's Stories: YES program.

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Speaker 1: Lakeview is a small town with a big heart that loves football. It's what keeps the town together. Come with me on this blast to the past about our history of football. It all began back in the 1930s when Lakeview won their first state championship in 1938. They won all of their games, which classified them as undefeated. Knowing the heart of any Gator, they day they don't give up, so in 1961, your Wild Gators brought home another state championship in which they were coached by Coach Potter.

Speaker 1: [0:30] In 1970, your Gators were ready to rumble, which is nothing new. They tackled down Graniteville with a score of 16 to 12, bringing home the AA state championship. The next year, your Gators brought home another state championship. It took some time, but in 1989, your Wild Gators brought home another state championship. In less than three years, we brought home another one. The next state championship was won in the year 1997. This was a special year because not only did they win state, but they defeated Dillon by one point.

Speaker 1: [1:00] These Gators have never given up. It's the year 2006, and we received another state championship coached by the amazing Coach McLaurin. Some might say it took us a while, but the time was just right. In 2016, your Gators worked extremely hard, closing the season with a 14 to 0 record, as undefeated. They played their hearts out against Lamar as they picked up a 31-14 win coached by Coach Daryl King.

Speaker 2: [1:28] It is a very successful tradition, with team and state championships, numerous lower state championships, a lot of region championships. Many players have gone on to play at the next level. Several players who have gone on to be impact players in the NFL. So for a small town like Lakeview to have this many state championships, and being as successful as we've been, it's a testament to the people here. The hardworking people, and the way their kids were raised, and how they go out and perform on Friday nights.

Speaker 1: [1:56] In addition to Coach Daryl King, who played football at North Greenville University, assistant football Coach Larry Inman played football for Western Carolina University, and also, Coach Andy Ford played football for Presbyterian College. Another player that went on to continue their love for football is Travis Ford, son of coach Andy Ford, who attended the University of South Carolina. Also, another phenomenal player, Quanny Christian, who attended Clemson University. Just recently we had a few of our Lakeview High School alumni choose the same route at the high school.

Speaker 1: [2:32] Dwayne Nichols, who is currently #10 for South Carolina State. Also, Xaiver Johnson, who is signed to South Carolina State and is currently #55 for the Bulldogs as well. Xavier, as well, Datron Jones signed to commit to play at Newberry College. Coach Timmy Renfrow is a great example of a Wild Gator. He played football at Wofford University, and is currently now an Athletic Director. His son, Hunter Renfrow, followed in his steps playing college football at Clemson University. You would never believe someone from little, old Lakeview, South Carolina would make it to the NFL, but anything is possible.

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