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Kindness and Caring in Temple, New Hampshire

Temple, New Hampshire

Story Narrative:

"I didn't grow up in a small town. I moved to a small town in 2003, Temple, New Hampshire. In December of 2008, there was an ice storm that knocked out power to the entire town at one point, and it was the rallying of everybody in town to help each other out that really showed me what small town life was all about. 

The elementary school opened up, and the principal cooked for days and opened up the building for hot showers and for hot food and a place to get warm. A local contractor put a generator on the back of his truck and drove around giving free power so people could heat up their house, heat up their water, and cook a hot meal. 

The fire department went door to door checking on people, and if there was an elderly couple or an elderly person living somewhere, they made sure their neighbors were checking on them to make sure they were okay. My wife and I, at times, were moved to tears over the care and the outpouring of aid from person to person in this town. I may not have been born in a small town, but I'm a small town person now, and I can't imagine living anywhere else."

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