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Kid's Perspective on Eagle River, Alaska

Eagle River, Alaska

Story Narrative:

"Oh, my. I don't even know where to begin actually. Actually, you guys won't believe this, but it's true. I live in Eagle River, Alaska, way up there. It's really cool up here. It's kind of cold. Right now it's about 15 degrees below. Yeah. It's kind of cold up here. In summer, it gets to about 26 degrees. It's really fun up here. We like to play this game at school, it's called Splish Splash. There are two people take one water balloon full of water, and they pass it in between each other until it pops. And you do this with a whole bunch of people, and whoever does not get their balloon popped and has it staying whole for the very last seconds wins and gets a prize of some sort like a dollar or a whistle or something like that.

But yeah, we have a lot of time in school. You can do snow machining, fishing, berry picking. You can hike mountains. The good thing about living in the valley is you could do a full whole 360 and always see mountains. It's really awesome up here. You guys should come up here sometime. It's really fun up here. It may be cold, so might wanna buy some snow pants once you get up. Yeah, I gotta go."

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