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Jailhouse Cookies

Lawson, Missouri

Story Narrative:

"My mother worked as a cook in a jail for several years, and she passed on some very interesting recipes. And one of them is cookies that have ground browned hamburger in them as a ... You would almost think that it is ground raisins, in it." "Wow". "And the other favorite recipe that we passed on is a chocolate cake that, when you eat it, you think has coconut in it, but really it is sauerkraut. And putting it in with the chocolate sweetens it. And so ... Then my mother wrote these recipes down, and some from my grandmother and her grandmother, and wrote them down and made a cook book for me and my sister, and then I have made it for some of my older granddaughters. So we're passed this down from probably four or five ... Almost five generations, now ... Passed some of these recipes down..

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