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The History of Brunswick as Told by Its Residents, Maryland

As told by Student Storytellers
Brunswick, Maryland

Story Narrative:

A woman with curly brown hair and eyeglasses sits in a library space and talks to an interviewer.

Student storytellers in Brunswick, Maryland, worked with the Brunswick Railroad Museum and the Brunswick Library in Maryland to produce this long-format oral history with area residents about everything from African American history to Big Band music and downtown retail stores. Part of the Stories: Yes student storytelling initiative, supported by the Smithsonian and Museum on Main Street.

This nearly two-hour documentary features many storytellers, including Jim Dixon, The Greenfield Sisters, Estelle Belt, Ruth Staple, Ruth and Ed Waters, James Castle, Lila and Judge Wenner, Robert Moler, Charlie Smith, Karin Tome, Jackie and Claire Ebersole, Wendall Stewart, Walt Stull, and Connie Koenig. A complete transcription of these conversations is available with the media file. 

Asset ID: 2022.22.01
Themes: Work, history, railroads, B&O Railroad, World War II, troops, African American history, women's history, engineering, coal, industry, steam engines, historic preservation, community, Big Band music, Patsy Kline, movies, theater, textiles, clothing, retail, downtown, firefighting, family, parenting, parks, newcomers, outsiders, education, recreation
Date recorded: November 2016
Length of recording: 01:54.56
File Type: Video
Related traveling exhibition: Journey Stories
Sponsor or affiliated organization: Brunswick Railroad Museum and the Brunswick Library, Brunswick, Maryland
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