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Having Fun in the Park, Michigan

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

Where do people go in your town to have fun?

Child: People go in a park and they have fun.
Interviewer: What do they do for fun?

Child: They go on board swings and go up slides.
Interviewer:And do you see all kinds of people there then?

Child: I see a lot of people in the park.
Interviewer: Old people, young people, all kinds of ages?

Child: All kinds of ages.
Interviewer: What's your favorite part of the park?

Child: My favorite part of the park is playing on the swings.
Interviewer: Oh, so do you like to go really, really high then?

Child: I like to be really, really high in the swings.
Interviewer: Awesome, and do you see lots of kids there that do that too?

Child: I watch the kids and I see nice people, and a few smart people, and a lot of kids. I see a family. I see groups and I see lots of people swimming and playing ...
Interviewer: They play ball and catch?

Child: Play ball and catch.
Interviewer: And they bring their-

Child: And they bring their friends [inaudible 00:01:16] and they bring a dog, and play Frisbee with their dogs.
Interviewer: Everybody seems to get along there?

Child: They get along sometimes.
Interviewer: Awesome.

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