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Having Fun in Columbus, Indiana

Columbus, Indiana

Story Narrative:

Where do people go to have fun in your town?

"So, I live in Columbus, Indiana, and what we do to have fun is we really ... Okay, so there's this one event. Every year there's the Ethnic Expo in Columbus, and we can always just go and there's a bunch of food and different shops and games and stuff. And it's really small, so you when you go there, you can just see people that you know, and it's fun to see people.

And you really can just go outside and play with someone that you know. It's really small. And when you're on Main Street or something, everybody knows you and who you are, and you know everybody else. Even if you've never met them, you've heard about them, so that's just pretty much how it is."

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Themes: Crossroads, small towns, festivals, teens
Date recorded: 2011
Length of recording: 0:45 s
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