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Greek Connections in Weirton, West Virginia

As told by Pam M.
Weirton, West Virginia

Story Narrative:

"Hello my name is Pamela Makricosta. I live here in Weirton, West Virginia and our Smithsonian exhibit here at the Mary H Weir Public Library has been a great addition to our community. We have over 50 different ethnic groups that make up our community here in Weirton. I happen to also be the Athenian radio hostess on WEIR 1430 AM, and the program is celebrating its 63rd anniversary. I've been the hostess for 38 years offering Greek language, music, and culture to the listeners in our upper Ohio Valley. I also work here at the Mary H. Weir Public Library and we have English as a second language class that I offer, and many of our students from other countries often share the music that they were brought up with here at various programs at the Mary H. Weir Public Library.

In addition, the Weirton area Museum and Cultural Center offers the people in our tri-state area the Festival of Nations showcasing the various ethnic groups, 30 different groups, musicians, dancers, performers, and displays every year, and it's a wonderful addition to our community. Thanks again for the Smithsonian exhibit."

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