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The Good and Bad of Living in Small-town Georgia

Forest City, Florida

Story Narrative:

"One thing I learned living in the small town of Gainesville, Georgia, is that I can be either really, really great or really, really horrible. Really great, because at the time we lived there, there were a lot of happy people and everybody was out and just enjoying each other and the weather and the festivals that the city would put on. The bad points living in that small town is we were pretty far away from Atlanta and the medical care was horrible. If you weren't a Southerner, they pretty much didn't care about you. Another bad point is when they started profiling the Spanish people that came into the community, where they would just stop them and ask them for their license. It made it really uncomfortable for everybody, so that small town had great points and not so great points."

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Themes: Community, race, racism, medicine, healthcare
Date recorded: 2011
Length of recording: 0:51 s
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