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Going to a One-Room School House in Michigan

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

What does living in a small town teach you?

"Living in a small town means to me having a lot of friends that you see quite often. But as far as living in a small town in the years gone by, I actually grew up near a small town on a farm. We were bused into the local schools in town for high school. Grade school, we went to a one room schoolhouse. There were eight grades, actually nine grades, in that schoolhouse. That was actually across the road from the farm where I grew up. Small town life was great because like I said before, you got to see a lot of people.

I had been gone for a quite a few years. I went to a local college here, went to Northern Michigan University up in Marquette, Michigan, and then went down to the University of Detroit School of Dentistry and became a dentist. So, I have had quite a bit of education. There was no reason for me, really, to choose that career, except that I wanted to help people. Neither of my parents ... My mother had a high school education, my dad didn't. But anyway, they didn't really encourage us, so I had great biology teachers, and that's what really got me going on my education. But again, I came back home and had the same friends I had in high school, which has been really, really good."


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