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A Future Career in the Marines, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

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Talk about your first job.

"Some people might have this in the back of their mind. For me, I always have it in my mind. Always thinking about it, looking for information, trying to find a way to prepare for it or see what I'm going up against. Others may fear about the fact about dying or getting seriously injured, but for years these people have been risking their lives to help other countries, and I want to become one of them. These few people are called the Marines. I'm going to talk about how the idea of becoming one got in my head, and what my family thinks about it, and why I want to go. I was going into my sophomore year, thankful I wasn't a freshman anymore. Like any ordinary day, I went home after school, watching TV and ate, when a commercial about the Marines came on. I just sat there and watched. I was interested in it, so I went online and looked at the information about it.

I was searching for a while and got really interested in it. One of my best friends told me she was thinking about going into too. I was thinking, 'Awesome, I'm not the only one.' But as the months went by, I got more into it. But I had to see what my family thinks about before I make my decision. But, for once I was actually serious about it. I tell them so many times, but they ignored it. Finally, when I just told them I was actually serious, they just looked at me and said, 'Are you crazy? Why would you want to go there? Why would you want to join them if they don't like our people? They're trying to get rid of your family, and you want to join them?' They just made me feel bad, but I didn't care what they said about, honestly. It's my choice on what I want to be, and I want to be a Marine. Why do I want to be a Marine? Well, at first it was to be away from home because the basic training is in South Carolina and it's far away from here."


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