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Freedom in a Small Town, Nebraska

Lawson, Missouri

Story Narrative:

What's your favorite memory of living in a small town?

"I was raised in a small town in Nebraska of 1,200 people, and I guess my favorite memory of living in a small town and growing up in a small town is the freedom that you feel. You could walk all over town without worrying about anything. We never locked our doors in our house. My dad kept the keys in the car. If you were in trouble or needed help, you could go to anybody and ask them for help. You could knock on doors and people would help you. You would walk down the street and talk to adults and they would talk back, and you'd learn from them. I think that we have lost a lot of that. It just doesn't happen anymore.

I live in a big town now and ... a bit city, and children don't even look at you anymore. If you talk to them they think that your have ulterior motives. But growing up in a small town you had that sense of adventure, a sense of imagination, freedom, and I think as an adult, that helped me in a lot of ways that I was able to navigate in the world without living in a lot of fear. Those are my memories of growing up in a small town in Nebraska. Thank you for this."

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