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Franco-American Music in Lewiston, Maine

Lewiston, Maine

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Talk about traditional music in your town.

Speaker 1: "Well, the music that, we'll say, traditional music, every community or ethnic group as it's known in Lewiston Harbor. We had a lot of Franco-Americans who came from Canada, and they brought their music with them. In the early 70's we started the Franco-American Festival, and a lot of musicians took up playing French music again, which they hadn't done in a long time. And it even started a collection of recordings that musicians did, that sold all over the world. And from that festival, that grew 12 festivals throughout New England that celebrated Franco-American culture. And they had huge events, with parades, and some of them have faded away, but there are still some cities that do it. But the Franco-American music was from here, was from Lewiston. This is where the bulk of it originated. And it was all recorded at (inaudible) recording studio.

Speaker 2: Oh, interesting.

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