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Flagstaff, Arizona, as the Center of Everything Outdoors

Flagstaff, Arizona

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"Here in Flagstaff--it is a small town, about 50-60,000 people, depending on when the university is in session--because of that, you know, there is a limited amount of things to do for fun as opposed to the bigger cities, but here in Flagstaff, we are in the center of everything outdoors, especially during summer and fall. You can hike the San Francisco peaks up to 12,600 feet. You can go to the Grand Canyon, which is only about an hour and 1/2 away. Hike the Grand Canyon.

Sedona is our next big town down. You can go and see the Red Rocks of Sedona and sit by the creek. While you're in town, there's always fun things to do. Downtown Flagstaff has Heritage Square, where there's concerts and movies and festivals and everything. Walking around downtown during the day and then hitting the bars at night is always fun. There's every type of bar you can think of, from a Mexican Cantina to a Hippie bar to Irish pubs--anything you can think of. So, downtown Flagstaff is probably THE best place to be to go and have fun."

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