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First Jobs and Earning Pennies for the Theater

Kittery, Maine

Story Narrative:

"My favorite memory of growing up in a small town has to do with the many jobs that I had in this town. I started selling TV guides for three cents each, I worked up to washing homes, walking dogs, baby sitting, working in a bakery, being able to take home all of the uneaten bakery goods. 

But more than that I remember my friends working together, and we would have goals, and we'd meet those goals, which were nothing more than earning a few pennies to go to the local theater, or to have an adventure. We were always out having adventures, not in the house, but outside. Parents were very aware of us but yet not in control as today, we were able to go out, nine o'clock in the morning and come home at six o'clock in the evening if we wanted to. We were told, 'Don't be late for dinner." And we never were."

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