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First Fish

As told by Amy Harvey
Blacksburg, Virginia

Story Narrative:

My 11-year-old son recently caught his first fish -- a rainbow trout -- at a "fishing rodeo" to which he was invited by a friend. He had been fishing with his Dad a few times before but never had any luck. This time, he was apparently blessed with "beginner's luck" and ended up catching 6 fish (within minutes) and winning the 3rd place trophy for his age group! He is somewhat squeamish (like his Mom!) and we were amazed at his willingness to help with the "dirty work" including de-hooking, skinning, cleaning, and de-boning the fish. He even proudly ate his catch for dinner!

Late that same evening, when tucking him into bed I asked him how he enjoyed his first "successful" fishing experience. He said it was a lot of fun, but admitted he was feeling a little sorry for the fish which was now inside his very full tummy!

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