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The Farm Show in Manheim, Pennsylvania

Manheim, Pennsylvania

Story Narrative:

"In my town, people go to the football games to have fun. And also once a year, there is a farm show and you can get my church's milkshakes. The church I go to, they have really good milkshakes. And you can eat fries and you can see animals and you can see artwork and you could see little Lego things that people build and you can see a lot of stuff. And at the football games, you can watch the football game or you can go hang out with friends or play at the playground. And also during the summertime to go to have fun, lots of people go to our community pool, and you get to see friends and go off the diving boards and swim and it's really fun."

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Themes: Faires, festivals, recreation, teens, fun, football, sports
Date recorded: 2011
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