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Family Fun in Alpena, Michigan

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

Child: "I go play at the Fairgrounds when it's the Fair time, and usually I just go to the park and play around. "

Interviewer: "Do you go to the Maritime Center?"

Child: "Yes, I go to museums too. I go to the NOAA Center, and I also go to the best museum!"

Interviewer: "What's your favorite thing at the NOAA Center?"

Child: "The slide that we slide down every time we come here."

Interviewer: "And, what is your favorite thing at the Festival?" Child: "My favorite thing is looking at the animals they have over there, touching them sometimes and the fishes, and stuff like that."

Interviewer: "Are they live or are they taxidermy?"

Child: "They're taxidermy. Sometimes, they have live animals over there, and you get to touch them and stuff like that. Also over there, sometimes they have a crafting thing going on, and it's actually really fun. I take some stuff home and I use them."

Interviewer: "What kind of craft have you done?"

Child: "I've made lipstick, pencils, and paper mache." What did you do with paper mache?

Child: "It was actually a small project. I made animals and stuff like that--like a kangaroo, like the face of the kangaroo, and it was actually really fun."

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