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Enjoying Cozad's Hay Days, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

What's your favorite memory of living in a small town?

"The life in Cozad has so many things that people would never think we would have. We have a celebration we call Hay Days. Now, what is Hay Days, you may ask? Is it fun? Do a lot of people show up? Does it make our community happy that we have these? So many questions that ask, "What is Hay Days?" Let's see why Hay Days is so fun in our community. Hay Days is a great celebration that people from other counties like to come celebrate. That's when the carnies like to come and put out their amazing rides. We also have a parade that advertises businesses, such as banks, hospitals, dance companies, and so much more.

When you walk around Hay Days, you have food everywhere you can eat. Most people enjoy that. The kids like to go on the rides while the elders go play Bingo over by Chipper Hall.

People really enjoy coming down to Cozad, Nebraska to enjoy yourself and have fun with the rides. Of course, we have more things in Cozad to offer but this is our big celebration as a community, like to come together and enjoy the day together. In my opinion, Hay Days is a great time to have."

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