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The Election of 1972, Pella, Iowa

As told by Terry
Des Moines, Iowa

Story Narrative:

Talk about a memorable election or voting experience.

"I am actually going to tell you a story about my first voting experience. It's really not a voting experience to tell you the truth. I graduated from high school in 1972. That's a big year. Turned 18 and went away to college at Central College in Pella, Iowa, a little conservation Dutch town in Iowa. You know we had tulip time and dressed up in our Dutch costumes. It was a very conservation school, but I can remember that's also the year in 1972 that the voting age decreased, I think it was from 21 down to 18.

So, here I was 18 away at school. At that time, I don't think there was the absentee voting, so I don't actually remember voting, but I remember the night of the voting. And, we all gathered as a little group of college girls--you could only have girls in the dorm at that time, no boys allowed--but we gathered, and I actually baked a cake, and I came across a picture the other day. I don't know if I'm so proud of that picture anymore because the cake said, 'Nixon.' It had a big flag on it. So, we all gathered round, and we were so excited that we actually had a voice, and we COULD vote, even if we didn't."


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