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Designing Jewelry in Lanesboro, Minnesota--Ann Madland

As told by Ann Madland
Lanesboro, Minnesota

Story Narrative:

"I'm Ann Madland. I live in Lanesboro, and I make jewelry. I'm a jewelry designer, and I sell at art shows and galleries. Living in Lanesboro in a rural town, in a smaller town, I feel affects my art in a way that I feel more connected to nature. And, I get outside a lot more, This is a unique small town too because we have visitors and it affects my art in a way because I meet different people. A lot of my art is influenced by dreams. And a lot of my dreams are influenced by my reactions and interactions throughout the day. And, I have a lot of personal interactions throughout the day just walking downtown and meeting up with people that I know, or meeting new people. And the community is really supportive, so I feel more safe and able to create here because the community allows it. I like other forms of art but I feel working with metal is my main passion."

This story was recorded for the Be Here: Main Street project by storytellers in Lanesboro, Minnesota. You can subscribe to the Be Here: Lanesboro audio channel on SoundCloud and learn about the community through the Lanesboro Historical Museum

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