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Compromise in a Small Town

Lawson, Missouri

Story Narrative:

"What living in a small town taught me is basically you have to get along with all kinds of people. You can get away from people in a small town. If you start having fusing and feuding, and so forth, you're going to be miserable all of the time. So you have to have some compromises. You can't do things always exactly the way you want to if you want to get along with people. That doesn't mean giving up your principles, but it does mean don't go out of your way to have conflict with people because you're going to see them the next day; you're going to see them at church; you're going to see them at school; you're going to see them in the shops. More than anything else, I think, it also teaches you to find your own methods of amusement. You're not going to have as many things--theaters and so forth. So you have to find ways to keep yourself interested--things that you can do with your yard or with the relatively few people around you."

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