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Coming Together As A Community, Michigan

Alpena, Michigan

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Coming Together As A Community, Michigan

"How have people in my town work together during hard times is that they all come together and since we belong to a church, they all pray for each other and they won't stop praying until everything gets better or ... everything turns out alright. They find somehow to get through the way and during hard times they usually won't like ... If it's short of money, they will come over to each other's houses. People will have dinner with other people. They will just help them ... Another way is that they support each other.

They will pray, they will say, 'don't stop, you could do it, you could do it.' 'Oh no, this isn't going to happen or just keep positive, keep thinking positive things.' That will help them too. It will make them happy. It will bring out the best of themselves. It teaches them to have really good faith in your community. A really good faith in your friends. It teaches you to grow your bondings with your friends because they help you through the most toughest times you maybe have ever had. When you look back at that and you think, wow, they helped me with my toughest times. Maybe I should help them since they're in their toughest times. [inaudible 00:01:20] they'll just try new things together that makes them happy about it. That's what my community does to help out."

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