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Coming Together Around Sports in Arma, Kansas

Franklin, Kansas

Story Narrative:

Speaker 1: How do sports bring your community together?
Speaker 2: You make friends.
Speaker 3: It brings everybody together. They all get excited about the sport you're doing, want you to win.
Speaker 2: And people in the community come and watch and support them.
Speaker 1: What are the most popular sports in this area?
Speaker 2: Football, baseball.
Speaker 3: Basketball.
Speaker 1: What about for you girls, though?
Speaker 2: We all play volleyball.
Speaker 3: Yeah, we all play volleyball.
Speaker 1: What community do you live in and what is the biggest volleyball event in the community?
Speaker 3: We play in Arma, where we live. At the homecoming, we play volleyball. Everyone gets together and we play in the mud, and there's different teams, and everyone's having fun and comes together to watch it.

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