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Cinnamon Cookies and Easy Dinners

Cowan, Tennessee

Story Narrative:

"Well, we have a couple of famous ones from the old ladies in my family that are for cinnamon cookies that my mom used to make. Every single day when I got home from school we'd have the same cinnamon cookies. I think she thought they were healthy. They were really easy to make. And then I've taught my daughters how to make three essential dinners that they can wow any family in the world and feed a multitude with. And I learned some of that from my elders, too.

So one is a way to cook chicken with all the vegetables under it and throw it in the oven and roast it with lemons. When it comes out an hour later you have a whole feast for a whole bunch of people and it's all ... yeah. And then another one is a really, really good sauce that you cook for eight hours if you're doing it right. It's over noodles but people it there and eat it and talk and drink wine. So that would be it."

"So you're from, you live in Nashville and you've lived there your whole life?"

"No. I'm actually, I grew up in Texas."

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