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Changing The Future: A Story From The Modern West

As told by Mario Telles
Socorro, New Mexico

Story Narrative:

I grew up happy. I still am to this very day. The fact that I got to enjoy belonging with the community still has me doing right. That's why I'm writing this.
The state I grew up in has turned in to a place where bad politicians and state funded officials have get together's with the everyday criminal, and no one has said anything until now. The only reason I can tell such a story is because I know of the people and I've lived to see it happen.
The story begins with the Governors inauguration ceremony. My dad had played in the band that was playing for Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham's inaguration ceremony when she first got elected. A known drug dealer was singing. It made me sick to my stomach. What I felt was like the state of New Mexico was being sold to the gangs, but on a whole different level.
I didn't feel helpless, that's why I am writing this.
My dad has always gravitated towards the worst possible people in his down time. Work at New Mexico Tech made him clean up during the day. He always wanted me to join him but I know still who he hangs out with and why and still it makes me fortunate to be here writing instead of at some house with folks with criminal records as their momentos in life. My mom was always smart, and kind, and brilliant. The complete opposite of my dad and his crew.
I recieved a letter in May from Vice President Harris. She spoke of seeing positive in me and in the future of this country and working together with what she called American Aspiration, which is as she put it "is the ability to see what can be, unburdened by what has been." I'm all about not being a gangster or drug user or liar or thief, or any and all of the things my dad and brother have become.
I just lost my job today at Wal-Mart in Albuquerque which is 70+ miles away. Asset Protection. I couldn't fit in right and my other job as an actor is still on hold because of the strikes. I was told to try again in 6 months. The asset protection team were really mean. Standing at the door and intimidating customers. That's not me. I am a writer, actor, musican, golfer, and most of all a human being with feelings and capable of thought and action with meaning and purpose. I could never laugh at anyone for doing such accomishments or for trying their best. I am not like my father or my brother. I am me. My mother is already resting in heaven. I have hope. Esperanza is my mother's name, and it means hope.
The best days are yet to come. Full of hope. Let no gang or intimidation scare you away from your dreams. See them through. The future of the world will be more thankful because you did. Stand by your positive influences like they stand by you. Teachers, family, friends, and know that together we can all overcome what has been to see what is possible. To change the world we live in for tbe better together.

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