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Catching Tuna with Dad, New Hampshire

As told by Paige D.
Rye, New Hampshire

Story Narrative:

Submitted as part of the Women Mind the Water Digital Stories Project.

"My sister and I, we both have, our dad is a commercial fisherman out of Rye, New Hampshire. And, he’s one of the last ones. And we have this one story where I was probably ten years old and Jackie was probably eight years old. And, my dad caught tuna. And it was incredibly hectic and horrifying. And, it was a lot of fun. Just my memory of the whole thing was my dad screaming at us to get back inside the boat because he didn’t want anybody to get too excited and fall overboard or whatever. And so, my sister starts bawling her eyes out because I told her that dad caught a great white shark. (Paige laughs). And so eventually, once he finally got a grapple on the fish, we calmed down, and everybody calmed down, and he kept calling us his good luck charms. He wanted to bring us out every other day. So that’s what we got. But, yeah that’s the tuna story for you."

Paige and her father operate Atlantic Seaweed Farm in Rye, New Hampshire

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