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The Blueberry Cobbler Story

Pinedale, Wyoming

Story Narrative:

"This is the blueberry cobbler story. I've worked in the school cafeteria for 25 years. One day we had a power outage, which is very common in Pine Hill, and the blueberry cobbler went into the oven really late. In order to keep the children from being burned when I got the cobbler out of the oven, I decided to take it into the cooler. As I walked into the cooler with this huge pan of hot blueberry cobbler, my toe caught on a stack of milk crates, and low and behold, I fell in head first. Anyway, that's my story."

This story was collected in conjunction with the Smithsonian's Museum on Main Street program and its national traveling exhibition "The Way We Worked" when it was on view at the Sublette County Public Library in Pinedale, Wyoming, in 2018. This story is part of the "Be Here: Main Street" story collection, intended to capture Americans' stories about their neighborhoods, waterways, towns, traditions, and personal experiences.

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