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Biscuits and Gravy are Not Just for Breakfast

Lawson, Missouri

Story Narrative:

"A lot of recipes are traditional foods for certain areas. I feel like one of the strongest ones that we have in small town USA in the Midwest is biscuits and gravy. Biscuits and gravy are a staple food for us. They are not just a breakfast meal or something that you add along with dinner. Sometimes people eat them here just for dinner.

And that's all you have is biscuits and gravy. I think that most people here have their recipe for biscuits and gravy they consider it to be the best one. And it's a recipe that's usually passed down from a mom or a grandma or sometimes a great-grandmother.

And so those are passed down from generation to generation once story that I remember hearing locally was that there was somebody who had moved to our area from a bigger town, a larger city so to speak and they actually called welfare on a family because they had fed their children biscuits and gravy for dinner, said it wasn't a wholesome nutritious meal. But I think that down here that's kind of one of the staples that we were all raised on and we wouldn't know what to do without our biscuits and our gravy."

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