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Birthday Memories in Gainesville, Georgia

Gainesville, Georgia

Story Narrative:

"My favorite memory of growing up in the small town of Gainesville, Georgia, is my birthday party. I had a birthday party at a restaurant, and we had a buffet, and I had a homemade birthday cake--it was Loretta Lynn's recipe of gooey cake. I thought maybe there would be about 30 people at my birthday party, and 54 showed up.

I thought to myself I'll get up and get a soda for whoever is that special to me, and I ended up getting up for everybody, except for the babies that had their bottles! I got up for everybody because everybody was so special to me, and being in that small town I was able to form a close and bonding relationship with all the people that were around me, and that was my favorite memory of Gainesville, Georgia."

Part of the "Stories from Main Street" project--an effort to collect stories about small-town life across the United States. The project was the brainchild of the Smithsonian's "Museum on Main Street" program, an initiative that brings traveling exhibitions about subjects of national importance to small towns across America.

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