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Big Band and Traditional Music in Houston, Tennessee

Cowan, Tennessee

Story Narrative:

What kind of traditional music is played in your town?

Speaker 1: What traditional music was celebrated in your town of Houston?

Speaker 2: Houston at the time was made up of many ethnic pockets, but overall, the big bands.

Speaker 3: Quite diversified.

Speaker 2: Oh yes, very much so. And then I remember dancing live to Glen Miller, Arty Shaw, both of the Dorsey's. All of that group, (inaudible 00:00:40). Very much the big band era. And there's no orchestra ever that I have heard that is any more danceable than Glen Miller was. It was great.

Speaker 3: Then you had the oncoming of jazz, New Orleans. Mississippi.

Speaker 2: Oh yes.

Speaker 2: Well not only that, but we had a very large population who's grandparents had been slaves. And they had their music and they shared it with us. It wasn't today's idea of jazz.

Speaker 3: It was kind of like the blues. Rhythm and blues.

Speaker 2: Rhythm and blues . . .


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