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The Best Museum in Kansas

Franklin, Kansas

Story Narrative:

What do you like about living in a small town?

Speaker 1: Well, I like living in a small town because it gives me childhood memories.

Speaker 2: What kind of memories?

Speaker 1: Like when I was a baby, it reminds me of my old house.

Speaker 2: And do you like going to the museum?

Speaker 1: Yeah. This museum is the best place that I've ever been.

Speaker 2: Why?

Speaker 1: Because it brings back memories of my kindergarten.

Speaker 2: Because you went here on a field trip?

Speaker 1: Yeah. And I loved being here.

Speaker 2: Did you like learning about Kansas and Franklin?

Speaker 1: Yeah. It really makes me really happy. This is the best town and place I could ever be.

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Themes: Memories, childhood, museums
Date recorded: May 31, 2013, 8:04 p.m.
Length of recording: 0:47 s
Related traveling exhibition: The Way We Worked
Sponsor or affiliated organization: Miners Hall Museum/Franklin Community Center, Kansas

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