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Being the New Kid in Town, Cozad, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

Talk about a memory you have of living in a small town.

"Okay, I moved to Cozad, Nebraska, when I was in third grade. It was really hard for me because I was so young, and it was a big new school. Well, not really that big, it was a small town, but still. And, I didn't really have any friends. I remember my mom always telling me that I would make friends the first day. Yet, as with any child I wouldn't have believed her. But, there I was first day of school clutching my bright pink backpack. That seems so trivial to me now, I don't know why I even have it. But, back then it was a scary thing to be a new kid and everybody in town all know you weren't there and everybody knowing each other since preschool. So it was kind of scary.

Yet, I sat down in that first row, left side, first seat. And, then I just happened to look over to my right and sitting there was a girl from Girl Scouts. She just happened to look up at the same time that I did and we both pretty much screamed out at the same time, "You're that girl from Girl Scouts!" And, from there we became pretty quick friends. And then at lunch we kind of hid behind her, when she introduced me to my friend, Amy. But, still it was a lot of fun. I thought it was a lot of fun. Because now I have a lot of friends and I think it's pretty cool. But, that's pretty much it. It's scary to move to a new town, even if it is small. Always scary, always scary."

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