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A Baseball Game in Cozad, Nebraska

Cozad, Nebraska

Story Narrative:

Talk about participating in a sporting event in your town.

"Our team goes to Monte Park. We drive to our, up to Maintenance Field. We are all getting focused. We start to warm up by playing catch and taking ground balls. I'm pitching so I warm up with Tyson, my catcher. The announcer starts to call our names out. We line up on the first base line. We look up at the American flag, and listen to the national anthem, knowing that this game decides if we go to state or not. We say the American Legion rules and walk back to the dugout. We start on the bats, after our three outs, we take the field. I go to the mount, I look at Tyson, start throwing my warm up pitches. Balls come back. I'm ready.

The first batter comes up. I take a deep breath and throw my first pitch. After that I just start throwing the ball. After a few innings out of seven inning game I gave up one run. Right before the bottom of the seventh inning, Drew Young came and asked us who wants to finish pitching. I told him I do. We go out to the field, and I look at the, our other line up. While I was throwing my warm up pitches, Sweet Caroline came on. The crowd started dancing, sing. Our team started to sing underneath our breath. We started the last inning with smiles on our faces, blood flowing, adrenaline pounding. The crowd stands on their feet. I threw... we got our three outs. Unlike most teams, we were there just to go to state. We didn't go the doggy pile. We threw our gloves to the side. We went to home plate and shook their hands. After that the moms wanted our pictures."


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