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Barbecues and Hangouts in Michigan

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

What's your favorite memory of living in a small town?

"What is my favorite memory of living in a small town is that everyone gets together and spend time with each other. We always go to the pool and we have fun. Sometimes we have steak-outs and barbecue, something like that. And for Christmas, we always say hello to each other and Merry Christmas and it's just a wonderful time. For Thanksgiving sometimes we pass around foods and stuff life that. My neighbors are friendly to us and we have lots of fun together. We usually have get-togethers and hand-outs. And sometimes we have get-togethers with the younger kinds. So we kind of like babysit. And anyways it's really fun. It's like we're a whole bunch of, a big family. And it's really amazing. It's fun because we get to spend time with each other. We're like a family. We have friends and everything. And it's absolutely wonderful so if you have a small town, I think you may know what this is like so. All the things that I do and my neighbors do, I guess you would know because you live in a small town. Anyways, I am finished with my speech."

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