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This is Baltimore Too: Taste This and Terra Cafe

As told by Linda Goss, National Association of Black Storytellers, David Fakunle, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore, Maryland
Baltimore , Maryland

Story Narrative:

This is the second stop on the "This is Baltimore" tour of the community. Other parts of this tour are included in the archive too, just search for "Baltimore."

"We are standing on the corner of 25th Street and St. Paul, and if you have a big appetite you are standing in the right place. On one side is Taste This, and the place is like the name suggests because you have to taste just about everything. They've got the best down-home Southern comfort soul food in town. They have the best fried catfish and mac-n-cheese that you ever tasted. This food is good! I suggest you call ahead for a takeout. Now the food is so good that you realize that don’t serve cornbread with the meal.

But that’s okay because on the other side is the Terra Café at 101 East 25th Street. Terra Café is a soul foul found within a beautifully decorated place. They have lots of cornbread, chicken wings and waffles and a variety of delicious wraps such as the fried fish wrap served with plantains. What’s great about these two places is that they are open for breakfast too."

"Be Here: Baltimore" launched in 2016, an effort to build community-sourced cultural stories about the city. Now, the city is connected by more than 400 authentic stories of Baltimore culture and heritage told by the people who know the city best. Learn more about the project:

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