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The Arkadelphia High School Mascot: Caroline Wood, Arkansas

As told by As told by Arkadelphia High School students and Mattison Griffin
Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Story Narrative:

A badger in a blue sweater serves as a mascot.

Students at Arkadelphia High School collaborated with Mattison Griffin, a student in the Public History program at Ouachita Baptist University, to explore the history of the high school’s athletic teams and supporting organizations. They located many photographs and conducted oral history interviews with former students like Caroline Wood. 

Speaker 1 (00:00): When you went to high school here, did y'all have Barney the Badger? Or was there a mascot, or did y'all call him Barney? How was that?

Caroline Wood (00:09): No, we did not have Barney the Badger; I wish we had him. But I remember as a parent of a cheerleader having Barney the Badger. And that's just a great part of it.

Speaker 1 (00:20): Did y'all have the actual badger mascot, or did y'all not have anything at all like that?

Caroline Wood (00:24): Well, we had the badger insignia on everything, of course. But to have any kind of mascot, no.

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