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Amanda's Connection to Corals, Massachusetts

As told by Amanda Dwyer
Nahant, Massachusetts

Story Narrative:

Submitted by Amanda to the Women Mind the Water digital stories project, in conjunction with the Smithsonian's Museum on Main Street storytelling website and traveling exhibition "Water/Ways."

This story was recorded at Northeastern University Marine Science Center in Massachusetts.

"I’m excited to share about my connection with water. Mine’s a little different or unexpected after growing up in Nebraska, thousands of miles away from any large body of water. I sparked my interest in the oceans by learning about them in my first-grade classroom. We created a coral reef out of everyday materials. I got hooked on learning about coral organisms and their complex physiology and how they live in the ocean when they are stationary and all the threats that they face with ocean water temperature changing. To get there I experienced a few different interactions with water; by doing Sea Semester, where I lived on a ship for one month at a time, sailing through the ocean and throwing nets over the water to look at plankton communities. I also traveled to the Caiman Islands to study coral reefs there. It introduced me to a whole new world when I finally got to dive under the ocean.

So now that I’ve got a lot of time studying all these different aspects of ocean environments, I’m really excited to share my experiences because I’ve gone from being far away from an ocean, to sticking my toes in the water, to sailing at the top of the ocean, to diving under which I’m lucky to do so. I want to be able to share those experiences with people who might not have the opportunity to go diving and see what exists in those environments. And so, I am excited to continue researching corals and sharing what it’s like to be a coral in the ocean with other people."


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