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So Much to Do in Alpena, Michigan

Alpena, Michigan

Story Narrative:

"People in Alpena go all over to have a great time! Sometimes in a small town, people don't think there are a lot of fun things to do, but the reality is that there's not a night that goes by that we don't have something fun to do. So, you can go to a beach, and you can go to a live theater. You can go to a movie. You can kayak. You can see shipwrecks while you kayak. You can hike. You can bike--you can bike off road on paved bike paths. You'll see people walking dogs everywhere. People like to hang out and go shopping.

They like to go to the winery. They like to go to the brewery. Really everywhere you go, there's not a place where people aren't having fun because Alpena is such a fantastic, fun town to be in. And, maybe one of my favorite things to do in this town is to play laser tag, and that's a really fun thing for us to do here. And then in the winter time, we snowshoe and cross-country ski. You'll see people doing that all over the place. Really, there's so much going on all the time that it's such a blast and so much fun. I think you'd be hard pressed NOT to find something fun and people having fun in Alpena!"

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