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Basketball in Brewster, Washington

Brewster, Washington

Story Narrative:

Hi, my name is Alyssa Ranna [sic], and I’m from Brewster, Washington. One of the big, huge sports in Brewster is basketball. If you’re from central Washington, you know that Brewster is really big on that game—a lot of community support. I think it brings Brewster together because there’s not a lot to do in Brewster. I mean, businesses are closing down, and it’s really discouraging. I think basketball brings hope to the community just because we get to see the future of Brewster. You know, I mean as a result we’ve seen our kids do great things—go on to really good schools beyond. Plus, apple season is over in October-November, so there’s really nothing else that our community does better than to get to watch basketball during the winter because harvest season is over. This a good story about my little community, Brewster.

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