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From Quail to Deer

As told by Fredrick Marsh
Cleveland County, Arkansas

Story Narrative:

Deer hunting in the South is a tradition. Hunters from all over travel to participate, booking visits at hunting lodges and rural deer camps promising a trophy harvest that includes enough venison to last months. Inspired by the exhibition Key Ingredients, Rison High School EAST collaborated with Pioneer Village in Cleveland County, Arkansas to document how hunting has affected economic growth in this rural community. With assistance from several students, Fredrick Marsh produced this Adobe Spark website to trace the agricultural and environmental factors, such as the shift away from growing cotton, that caused the quail population to disappear but created the perfect environment for deer. Jack Hopson is featured in an interview about how significant deer hunting has become in the area now and what is being done to rehabilitate quail. Scroll through this story below.

EAST Facilitator Kristie Saunders guided this project which is part of MoMS' Stories: YES program and supported by a Smithsonian Youth Access Grant.

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