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The Main Street Store in Dobb's Ferry, New York

Forest City, Florida

Story Narrative:

What do people do for fun in your town?

"Where I grew up on Main Street in Dobbs Ferry, New York, there were many favorite things to do because we lived in a city type of atmosphere in a small town. It was pretty much a small Italian town. We lived on Main Street and you could go to a restaurant. You could go shopping. You could go to an Italian Bakery. You could go to the laundromat. You could go get your hair done in the House of Charm. You could go down to the park and you could play on the toys, or you could watch the old men playing Bocci ball, or you could pick up your Bible and go witnessing. You could do just about anything that you wanted to do.

My favorite thing was to go downstairs, one door to the left to Scribner's. It was like a Main Street stand store and my favorite thing to do was to go to the back showcase. On black velvet, they had all these rings and it was behind glass. I used to pick out beautiful rings for 10 cents to a quarter and I'd built up this great collection. They had candy, like those wax candy bottles, and ice creams, magazines. It was just really fun because I knew pretty much anybody that was there, any time of the day or early evening..."

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