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Jeff Meeker: Cornell College's Winningest Volleyball Coach

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Mount Vernon, Iowa

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Jeff Meeker, head coach of women’s volleyball at Cornell College, has over 15 years of experience. Over his tenure, Jeff has improved the volleyball program by encouraging his players to be the most successful, positive, and hardworking people on and off the court. He has a record of over 300 wins and several conference victories. Jeff also has won the title “coach of the year” a total of eight times.

Assistant coaches Brianna Strong and Polly Blythe tell us in this video about Meeker’s positivity towards his players and his passion about the Cornell volleyball program. Also interviewed are his daughter who plays for Cornell, Sydney, and the Athletic Director, Keith Hackett.

Video created by Mount Vernon sophomores Jace Delancey, Jeremy Kline, Megan Zobac, Paige Emig, Kailey Shannon, and Sam Stoner

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